Increase retention by turning customers into brand enthusiasts

Connect with customers on their preferred channel to 10x engagement

Reap the power of 40%+ click-through and 62% response rates with text message conversations that feel human.

Drive repeats sales with AI powered product recommendations

Emotive’s Artificial Intelligence learns the needs of every unique customer to personalize product recommendations at scale.

Win back unhappy customers by proactively following up after purchases

Decrease churn and save your online reputation by messaging customers before complaints.

Incredible eCommerce brands from Fortune 100 to disruptive startups trust Emotive

Human relationships (not blasts) lead to unrivaled engagement



Click-through rate
  • 6% Conversion Rate
  • Scalable conversations
  • Lasting retention
Other SMS Tools


Click-through rate
  • 2% Conversion Rate
  • Spammy blasts
  • Short-term sales