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[Special Offer] Free SMS messages for Black Friday / Cyber Monday

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Engage your customers through SMS marketing.

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Special offer: Free SMS/MMS for BFCM

Save up to $50k this holiday with Emotive

We’re offering Free SMS & MMS messages through BFCM to support ecommerce businesses this holiday season.


The Gift That Keeps on Giving:

How SMS Can Be the Star of Your 2022 Holiday Marketing Efforts

Talk to your customers (not at them) with automated two-way conversations

Create customer interactions that turn into sales: build your brand voice, recover abandoned carts, respond to inquiries via SMS messages, and launch products with Emotive’s conversational text message marketing software.

Let your phone number and email list build itself, compliantly.

Convert web traffic into SMS and email subscribers. Emotive has all the tools you need to grow faster than you ever imagined, while remaining TCPA, CCPA, and CTIA compliant.

Make data-driven decisions with an intuitive dashboard

Create dynamic audience segments from behavioral data (clicks, orders, carts) and psychographic data from conversations (interests, lifestyle, location.) See campaign performance at a glance and optimize ROI.



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We don’t want to change the way you work – we just want to improve it with conversations. So we’re focused on making it easy to connect Emotive to all of the tech you’re already using.

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