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Image of Andres P.

Andres P.

Digital Marketing Consultant

Their support team will literally hold your hand, create automation and train you in anything you want on their platform.
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Image of Craig M.

Craig M.

Digital Marketing Manager

The team at emotive is collaborative and has helped us execute in ways we did not think of, which is very uncommon in this space.
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Image of Melody D.

Melody D.

VP of Merchandising

Emotive provides you with a lot of resources to help guide you through SMS marketing. They offer monthly calendars to inspire you...
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One Dashboard.
Every Channel.

Supercharge your store’s growth with an all-in-one dashboard, built for ecommerce brands. See all marketing performance in one single location, so it’s easy to optimize spend.

Graphic showcasing the Emotive Analytics dashboard.

Supercharge your Growth

Stay ahead of the rest--book a demo and arm yourself with the insights you need for fast, efficient growth.

Graphic showcasing the Emotive Analytics dashboard.

Join the world's top eCommerce brands

Save time

View all channel performance and spend in one place, saving you countless hours of work.

Make better decisions

No more double counting. Our attribution model can tell you which channel actually drove a sale so you can better allocate spend.

Grow faster

When it’s easy to make decisions, it’s easy to grow fast.

Centralized Dashboard

One dashboard to replace them all. See your Facebook, Instagram, Google, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest, SMS, and email performance all in one place, saving you tons of time.

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Better Attribution

We make it easy to see which channel actually drove a sale so you can better allocate spend. Plus, our pixel tracks your first party data and sends it back to the ad networks to help improve targeting.

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Access Data Anytime, from Anywhere

Don’t wait for your weekly agency status call. View results in real-time so you can make decisions quickly.

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Actionable Insights

We don’t just give you the data, we provide insights to help you make decisions—right in the dashboard. You can also tap into insights from our team of marketing experts, here to help guide you!

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Integrate seamlessly with your ecommerce platform, and the top advertising and marketing channels—with more coming soon! It’s easy to activate with no code required.

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Lifecycle Marketing

Ecommerce Platforms

Supercharge your Growth

Become among the first ecommerce brands to see the power of a centralized dashboard!