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Get a 5X ROI Guaranteed* on Your BigCommerce SMS Marketing Campaigns

Emotive's customers see a 27X ROI on average. Partner with us to cut through the noise of your competition and drive real impact with two-way SMS messages proven to convert your traffic and scale your eCommerce marketing efforts.

1 click set up

14 day free trial

5x ROI guarantee

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Emotive's difference is conversational

Unlike other SMS marketing tools, Emotive lets you text with (not at) your customers. Choose a text message marketing platform that builds engagement, sales, and loyalty.

BigCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery through SMS Marketing

Mobile users today have a high cart abandonment rate of nearly 86%. What can your BigCommerce store do? Make use of your customers’ phone numbers and send personalized SMS campaigns that nudge your leads back to their carts. Send SMS notifications, pair it with an attractive coupon to kickstart your re-engagement campaign, and recover your sales.

Connect & Convert Through 2-way SMS Conversations with Real Human Agents

Emotive provides real human agents ready to jump in at your most critical conversion points. 54% of customers say they are more likely to purchase from a company that offers personalized messages. That’s more than half of your audience, waiting to connect and have conversations with you that goes beyond the bulk SMS culture. With Emotive, your BigCommerce store can add a personal touch to 2-way SMS conversations and have a dialogue with customers that ultimately convert.

BigCommerce Integrations to Make Your Life Easier

Your marketing infrastructure goes beyond just SMS campaigns and we recognize that. That’s why with Emotive, you won’t find changes to the way you work. You’ll only find that the way you work is even easier. Emotive has 20+ integrations you can use for your BigCommerce store to ensure a seamless journey for everyone involved, including your customers.

Quickly Increase Your BigCommerce Subscribers

63% of customers prefer companies that use SMS text messaging as a communication channel and may even switch to companies that provide this service. If your competitors are doing so already, you’re missing out. Emotive can help you get in front of this action and increase your SMS subscribers to your BigCommerce store without you having to lift a finger.


Intuitive BigCommerce Customer Segments & Personalized Messages

Your customers aren’t all birds of the same feather, and they don’t want to be treated that way. We recognize you have different buyer personas and our platform is designed to help you segment your audience and personalize messages for your diverse customer base

Measure BigCommerce SMS Analytics in an Easy-to-use Global Dashboard

Knowledge is power and in the eCommerce world, knowing one piece of information about your customers can make all the difference. Unlock actionable data and key insights on your customers through Emotive’s analytics dashboard.

Emotive is everything you need in an SMS tool, from great integrations (like Klaviyo, Gorgias, and Shopify) to pretty good segmentation capabilities.

Jenna S

Emotive helps deliver the expression of our brand voice.

Sylvester L

The Emotive team makes integrating SMS into your marketing plan simple!

Kristi H

We enjoy the spirit of genuine partnership the entire emotive team demonstrates. They want us to get results. They are eager to help, great in outlining next steps, and good listeners when gathering feedback.

Sheila F


Andrew has helped guide me through onboarding Emotive, answering technical and marketing questions, and been a constant presence helping us problem solve any issue that has arisen.

Peter L

Creative Director

Miles ahead of what I was using before!

Jen L

The team is the best. They are super down to earth and so helpful. Huge shoutout to CJ for being a very supportive representative to our team. Kristin is awesome with copy! I also love the templates provided.

Victoria P

Very easy to launch and easy to use. We were able to get started quickly and they do a lot of the legwork to set up flows and key tactics.

Damon L

Amazing support team, the Onboarding process was seamless. The ROI is on the higher side.

Syed H

Great customer support and good growth for business.

Gugu K

Emotive provides the ability to directly and quickly interact with our customers on a more personal level. We use Emotive not only to aid in sales conversion but as a customer service response tool as well.

Ali D

Category Business Leader

Overall they are very helpful and responsive to any questions or issues. They are an extension of our team really and always willing to help us with copy or set up messages for us if we need the help.

Janet L

Digital Marketing Manager

Love the text message approach. Customers are always using their phones, and emails are saturated. Great opportunity to interact and engage customers and prospects.

Goran P


Overall it was worth getting this software. We have seen an increase of sales and convenience using this product.

Chris J


Very user friendly. Extremely intuitive and easy to use! I've loved working with our AM. He's always been super responsive and quick to reply to any questions I have.

J houston H.


Great features for flows and automation. Onboarding was best in class. Customer support is tremendous. Transparent about pricing end to end. Truly delivers value and ROI.

Jared K.



We don’t want to change the way you work – we just want to improve it with conversations. So we’re focused on making it easy to connect Emotive to all of the tech you’re already using.

Ecommerce Platforms


Customer Service

Many more

Why Use Emotive for BigCommerce SMS Marketing?

Cut down the manual work and time spent crafting each and every single SMS you send to your audience. BigCommerce stores can work with Emotive to establish a smart, intuitive, and automated SMS marketing campaign that will both cut costs, save time, and boost profits in the long run.

How much does it cost to send automated SMS messages on BigCommerce through your service?

We charge a monthly platform fee in addition to credits for the amount of usage. These rates are priced competitively and include additional services not provided by other SMS marketing platforms such as a customer success manager, shopping experts, and a copywriter ready help you scale your company through mass text marketing!

What is the legality of sending automated text messages?

Our platform is built with TCPA compliance in mind. We have custom built templates that are easy to use right out the box so that you can ensure you're compliant at all times with your opt-in and messaging process. It is legal to send automated text messages to those who have knowingly subscribed to your service. We provide multiple recommendations and templates to motivate your customers to opt in throughout various stages of their journey.

How do I increase BigCommerce sales through text messages?

We help you craft compelling CTAs and grab your customers’ attention in order to boost that bottom line and provide best-in-class customer support. Say goodbye to faceless messaging and bring personal connections to the forefront with automated human conversations. 80% of customers are more likely to do business with you if you personalize their customer experience. To present your customers with an unforgettable experience, personalization and direct communication is a must. Let Emotive do the hard part for you by helping personalize each text you send their way.

BigCommerce SMS Services with a Dedicated Team

We provide a level of service unparalled in the mass text marketing industry that is proven to maximize your ROI. We ensure you are set up for success with a team consisting of a customer success manager, copywriters and shopping experts that will monitor your campaign and provide the additional bandwidth you need to ensure you're making the most of our platform's automation features.

Automation Rules & Drip Flows Seamlessly Integrated with your BigCommerce SMS Marketing

Send automated texts that will attract and convert your customers. Increase your list of subscribers organically and improve the quality of your marketing automation. Use our resources and templates to improve your conversions.

A Proven Formula for BigCommerce SMS Marketing Success

It’s your turn to make the best of personalized SMS messages. With Emotive’s intuitive SMS marketing campaigns and messaging service, BigCommerce stores can grow their revenue, get real-time reports, and connect with old and new customers in the way they want and deserve.

5X ROI Guaranteed*

We put our money where our mouth is. We are the only SMS marketing platform to provide a guarantee on the spend of your SMS marketing dollars with us. Get in touch today to see how you can scale your text message automation efforts with Emotive!