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5 Stars
  • 1 click set up
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  • 5x SMS ROI guarantee
Image of Andres P.

Andres P.

Digital Marketing Consultant

Their support team will literally hold your hand, create automation and train you in anything you want on their platform.
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Image of Craig M.

Craig M.

Digital Marketing Manager

The team at emotive is collaborative and has helped us execute in ways we did not think of, which is very uncommon in this space.
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Image of Melody D.

Melody D.

VP of Merchandising

Emotive provides you with a lot of resources to help guide you through SMS marketing. They offer monthly calendars to inspire you...
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Go beyond SMS blasts. Say hello to text message automation that feels human.

Two-way SMS conversations convert 5X better than one-way mass texting. Supercharge revenue by automating two-way text message conversations that cut through the noise and feel human.

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5 Stars
  • 1 click set up
  • 14 day free trial
  • 5x SMS ROI guarantee

Brands we've worked with

SMS Automation for Abandoned Cart Recovery

More than 7 out of 10 shopping carts are abandoned, but you can recover those lost sales. Emotive's SMS message automation and conversational texts help you convert more carts to drive more revenue.

Automated product recommendations through SMS

Find the perfect product for every customer through an automated two-way quiz over SMS.

Increase your re-orders and subscriptions through conversational text message automation

Convert one time buyers into repeat purchasers with automated SMS conversations to drive reorders, cross sells, or upsell subscriptions

Conversational SMS messaging designed to impress

First impressions are everything. Trigger text message flows to welcome new subscribers to your brand and introduce them to your best-selling products through automated SMS.

Build marketing campaigns around personalized shopping experiences

Leverage Emotive's pre-built conversation flows to create high-converting Segments. Send automatic text messages based on relevant information, such as browsing history or past purchases.

Improve customer experience with automated text messaging

Keep customers engaged and satisfied with AI-driven automated SMS. Use Smart Reply to respond to or route messages. Integrate with customer service platforms such as Zendesk and Gorgias.

Emotive is everything you need in an SMS tool, from great integrations (like Klaviyo, Gorgias, and Shopify) to pretty good segmentation capabilities.

Jenna S

Emotive helps deliver the expression of our brand voice.

Sylvester L

The Emotive team makes integrating SMS into your marketing plan simple!

Kristi H

We enjoy the spirit of genuine partnership the entire emotive team demonstrates. They want us to get results. They are eager to help, great in outlining next steps, and good listeners when gathering feedback.

Sheila F


Andrew has helped guide me through onboarding Emotive, answering technical and marketing questions, and been a constant presence helping us problem solve any issue that has arisen.

Peter L

Creative Director

Miles ahead of what I was using before!

Jen L

The team is the best. They are super down to earth and so helpful. Huge shoutout to CJ for being a very supportive representative to our team. Kristin is awesome with copy! I also love the templates provided.

Victoria P

Very easy to launch and easy to use. We were able to get started quickly and they do a lot of the legwork to set up flows and key tactics.

Damon L

Amazing support team, the Onboarding process was seamless. The ROI is on the higher side.

Syed H

Great customer support and good growth for business.

Gugu K

Emotive provides the ability to directly and quickly interact with our customers on a more personal level. We use Emotive not only to aid in sales conversion but as a customer service response tool as well.

Ali D

Category Business Leader

Overall they are very helpful and responsive to any questions or issues. They are an extension of our team really and always willing to help us with copy or set up messages for us if we need the help.

Janet L

Digital Marketing Manager

Love the text message approach. Customers are always using their phones, and emails are saturated. Great opportunity to interact and engage customers and prospects.

Goran P


Overall it was worth getting this software. We have seen an increase of sales and convenience using this product.

Chris J


Very user friendly. Extremely intuitive and easy to use! I've loved working with our AM. He's always been super responsive and quick to reply to any questions I have.

J houston H.


Great features for flows and automation. Onboarding was best in class. Customer support is tremendous. Transparent about pricing end to end. Truly delivers value and ROI.

Jared K.



We don’t want to change the way you work – we just want to improve it with conversations. So we’re focused on making it easy to connect Emotive to all of the tech you’re already using.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is text message automation?

Text or SMS marketing gives ecommerce businesses a way to communicate with shoppers via SMS (short message service) and MMS (multi-media service) messages. You can use automated SMS messages for all kinds of functions, like booking appointments, sending shipping notifications, providing customer service, nudging shoppers who abandoned carts, up-selling / cross-selling products online, promoting sales and coupons, and much more. Text messaging open and response rates are more than 4X higher than for email, and Emotive's platform integrates with your existing workflow to easily make SMS part of your successful sales and marketing strategy.

How much do automated text messages cost?

All automated text messaging software charges on a per-usage basis. Emotive is so confident in our ability to generate positive results for your company that we guarantee a 5X ROI* or your money back. Contact our team today to learn more about average returns and our subscription and per-usage pricing.

How do I send effective automated text messages?

Our simple, intuitive platform helps you schedule automated text messages as Broadcasts, Experiences, and Smart Reply responses. Did a customer add items to their cart and then leave the site? Do you want a customer service agent to guide a prospective customer in choosing the right product? Do you want to share a Black Friday coupon code with a 24-hour expiration date? We have the templates and team you need to configure these flows, increase conversions, and hit your sales targets.

Why use text message automation?

Compared to other marketing channels, text messages yield higher conversion rates. Gartner Research estimates that 98% of text messages are opened and read, and 45%, compared to just 20% for email. And click-through rates for texting are more than 30 times higher than those for email campaigns. Emotive helps you grow your contact list of potential customers by encouraging shoppers to opt in with their phone number. Our platform guides you in sending optimized, conversational messages that don't feel like spam. The result is high conversion rates, more traffic, and an increase in sales.

Send Automated Text Messages That Customers Love

Automated messages don't have to be spammy or generic. Sending them doesn't have to be complicated: Don't waste time on a self-service platform that takes forever to learn. Feel confident using SMS automation that makes customers feel connected to your brand. From day one as an Emotive user, our high-touch customer success team will make sure you're set up for success. We help you meet standards for deliverability and compliance, while our copywriters help you create personalized campaigns with high conversions and ROI.

Improve Your Conversion Rates

Send text messages that yield better conversion rates, more traffic, and higher sales. Emotive's full funnel platform helps you grow your subscriber list and promote the right products to the right shoppers at the right time. With our automation tools you can send campaigns that drive traffic to your site and turn browsers into buyers. Many businesses only send one-way broadcasts and text blasts; but with Emotive's two-way and conversational automated texts you can encourage higher response rates, increased AOV, and improved customer loyalty.

Grow Your Business

In a crowded ecommerce marketplace, make text marketing your competitive advantage. Software rating company G2 calls SMS marketing a "best-kept secret," since despite its high returns more than 60% of marketers don't use it. Check out our independent customer reviews on G2 and read our customer stories: you'll see the incredible results we've generated for other ecommerce businesses, in categories like apparel, accessories, cosmetics, food and CPG, supplements, baby supplies, and health and wellness.

5X ROI Guaranteed*

We guarantee 5X ROI for businesses that have at least 10,000 unique web sessions per month. If you're a qualifying store and our text message automation software and customer success team do not help you generate at least a 5X returns, we will refund your investment. Get in contact with us today to get started with Emotive.

We offer a
5X ROI guarantee

Share your vision with our Strategists. We’ll build a plan together and help you get started.

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