Happy new year! In 2021, Emotive released dozens of new features to help you become a smarter SMS marketer. That’s because we know that, as your business grows (thanks, SMS!), your marketing needs change, expand, and become more complex. Emotive is here to serve those needs and help you grow even more.

So, let’s keep up our momentum by ringing in the new year with these new features - requested by you, and launching in Q1 of 2022.

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More advanced tools to optimize campaigns and track performance

Whether you’re new to SMS or a seasoned pro, it’s absolutely essential that you understand what’s working and what’s not, so you can optimize performance. This quarter we’re releasing features that will help you optimize, and easily track the overall impact of SMS marketing.

A/B testing for Broadcasts

The best way to optimize performance is to continuously test so you can weed out the weaker messages. With this new feature, you’ll have the option to run A/B testing on any Broadcast copy and/or image. Optimization, commence!

Deeper Experience analytics

Soon, you’ll be able to see how each individual message is performing, so you can start to optimize these messages too. You’ll also be able to create custom reports for Experiences with our Custom Report Builder.

Automated UTM tracking

If you rely on Google Analytics to measure channel performance, soon you’ll be able to track SMS in GA as we'll automatically append UTM tracking to each campaign you send. This won’t show the full impact of SMS as it’s only last touch attribution, but it will make it easy to view all of your channels in one place.

Deeper targeting options to unlock more playbooks

All smart marketers know: the power of SMS lies in the fact that it lets brands create personalized and highly engaging campaigns. Campaigns that drive sales higher, faster. So we’re giving you even more ways to do just that.

Historical data import (Shopify)

For Shopify brands, we’ll be importing all of your historical data (including data from before you were even with Emotive) so you can create your most targeted, meaningful customer segments yet.  This update will help you accurately target shoppers based on factors such as their lifetime spend, or which sku they purchased. Laser focused campaigns = more successful campaigns.

Trigger Experiences by product (Shopify)

Create more relevant two-way automations with a new option to include or exclude specific products.

Subscription integrations (e.g. Recharge)

If you have subscription customers, you’ll soon have access to a seamless integration that allows you to trigger messages directly - when they sign up, pause, cancel, and more. Nurture and retain these high value customers more effectively than ever!

Reducing friction to improve your workflow

We know how busy you are, and that SMS marketing isn’t the only thing on your plate. In order to improve your workflow and make both Broadcast and Experience set up even more seamless, here’s what’s in production:

Frictionless Broadcasting

Soon, a more seamless navigation will cut down on set-up time, allow you to automatically include more dynamic variables, and let you select multiple segments or exclude segments. We’re also adding a new setting that will allow you to Broadcast to customers who are active in conversations, giving you a larger audience to promote your biggest occasions.

Mobile-friendly Broadcast Wizard

Sometimes you need to manage campaigns on the go. That’s why we’ll be updating the Broadcast wizard to be mobile friendly. At the office, on transit, headed to a meeting, in WFH mode - no matter where you are you’ll be able to manage campaigns.

Improved Experience flow navigation

Experiences can be incredibly powerful two-way conversations, but we know it sometimes means the set up is long and complicated. We’re updating the flow builder so it’s easier to navigate.

Enabling more seamless conversations

Emotive is the only platform that enables both two-way automated Experiences AND direct 1-to-1 conversations. This allows you to build even stronger customer connections. We know you and your team spend a lot of time messaging with customers, so we’re making the process more seamless.

Smart Reply

In case you missed it last year, we recently released Smart Reply, which helps Shopping Experts answer your customers’ most common questions, so you don’t have to. It’s the shiny new version of what we used to call “FAQs,” and it will boost the number of questions we’re able to answer for you. If you previously had FAQs, we’ll be transitioning your FAQs to Smart Reply soon. Don’t have either? Make sure to activate them now!

Gorgias ticketing sync

For those of you with CS platforms that integrate, we understand how important a seamless integration is! We’ll be improving message handling to consolidate conversations, reducing multiple tickets open for the same customer.

Get to inbox zero

Want to keep a tidy inbox, and reach more customers? Soon you’ll be able to automatically close out conversations after a set amount of time so you can maximize your audience for Broadcasts.

New products to level up your full-funnel marketing approach

Conversational Ads

Emotive is now the only platform to offer a full funnel approach so you can grow your list through paid ads and nurture leads through SMS. Brands have seen great success so far, and we’re making exciting updates to help increase ROAS, unlock more insights, and manage growth at your own pace.


(Currently in beta, releasing in Q2 for select e-commerce platforms). Achieve even higher conversion by allowing your customers a secure way to pay over text.

So there you have it - all of the features we’re launching soon, so you can start 2022 off with a marketing bang! Keep an eye out for email and in-app updates letting you know when each one launches.

Up next: Q2, Q3, Q4…that’s right, we’re already planning for even more to come later this year. If you know there’s something that would make your SMS marketing life easier, but didn’t see it on our Q1 list, simply fill out a request for it in Canny. The feature you recommend just might be the one you see in a future announcement!