Thinking of investing more funds to improve your customer support department? 

You definitely should because faster customer response times equals more money for your eCommerce brand.

It should come as no surprise to any business owner that any business that makes their customers a priority has far more successful business than those who don’t. 

A recent Shopify study found that businesses who answer their customer queries within 5 minutes or less are 70% more likely to get a purchase from prospects compared to those who don’t.

Today we are going to share our top tips and strategies to help you improve your customer support so you can answer those customer queries in 5 minutes or less.

How to Improve Your eCommerce Brand’s Customer Support

Customers nowadays expect their online customer experience to be prompt and just as personalized as their in-store retail experience. Unfortunately, most companies are faced with a tough decision when it comes to handling their customer support:

  1. Use impersonal automation to answer questions to save money & time for your customer support representatives

  2. Hire more full-time customer support employees to answer questions in a more personalized manner via email or phone

The first option puts your revenue at risk because customers can get angry or frustrated with the lack of personalization. The second option puts your profits at risk because as your customer support team grows then reduces your profits. 

So as a business owner which option would you choose?

Luckily for you, there is a third option available which is SMS customer support…

By choosing Emotive as your SMS marketing tool provider,  our technology paired together with real humans delivers a quicker SMS response experience that your customers expect:

  • Quick response time

  • Accurate information is shared with your customers’ queries

  • A human tone versus an automated bot response

We send the texts to your customers so you can drive more sales for your eCommerce brand.

How Can Emotive Help Your eCommerce Brand Speed Up Your Customer Response Time?

Begin with a list of your frequently asked questions and input that data into our system. Then our Emotive technology learns how to answer your customers’ questions about your product with a simple flow based on keywords. Our system will also enable your SMS customer support agents to respond in five minutes or less.

As the business owner, all you do is sit back, relax, and drive more sales to your eCommerce business.

Human Connection + Emotive SMS Technology = More Sales & Revenue For Your eCommerce Business

Our formula for eCommerce business success is simple.

 Human Connection + Emotive SMS Technology = More Sales & Revenue

Why does it matter?

Fast response times are key to your business’s success. If your customer support team doesn’t respond quickly to answer questions or address your customer’s doubts then they will turn to your competitor who will. 

According to Invescpro, 40% of all eCommerce purchases come from impulsive purchases, so a fast response time is pressing for your bottom line.

Rather than having a bot with canned responses tend to your customers, Emotive enables real-time conversations between your customers and the customer support team to answer follow-up questions. Thus leading to higher conversion rates in the short-term and higher lifetime value as time progresses.

Recap: Why You Need Quick Response Customer Support Response Times

Rapidly responding to your customer’s queries in five minutes or less is crucial to your business’ success because 40% of eCommerce business comes from impulse purchases. If your customer support team isn’t there to answer their questions and put their doubts about your brand at ease they will move on to your competitors. In today’s modern age, you need to match the customer support experience with what your customers expect.