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Case Study

Alumilite improved customer education and support and drove a 45X ROI with Emotive

Galesburg, MI
in sales, first 3 months
click-through rate from SMS

“Emotive’s guaranteed ROI was a no-brainer. Once we got into the conversations, we were like, ‘Oh, if we don't make the money that we think we're going to make, they would literally give us that money back...’ Our first campaign text outperformed anything that we were even anticipating. We've had over a thousand orders already just from the ‘10% off’ offer that we give if you sign up for our text-based marketing.”

Caton Vance from Alumilite


Alumilite knew that it wanted to try SMS marketing. But the problem was that either the cost was prohibitive or the SMS marketing provider wouldn't follow-through on helping Alumilite marketers onboard the new platform. Caton and Taylor needed a text message marketing service that could meet them where they were at and help them scale a robust SMS program.


Aside from selecting a reliable solution at a realistic budget, Alumilite marketers wanted to use text messaging to engage - not spam - their customers. That's why Caton and Taylor were intrigued by Emotive's two-way messaging capabilities.


Alumilite's marketing team couldn't have been happier with the level of engagement they enjoyed with customers from the very first SMS campaign. With Emotive's help, Caton and Taylor experience 10%+ click-through rates and an astounding 45% ROI. Most importantly, they're actively connecting with all segments of their target audience, further enhancing their ability to deliver value to consumers.

About Alumilite

Wanna craft? Alumilite molds have got you covered. Need to restore difficult-to-find car parts? Alumilite does that, too! From DIY projects to architectural restoration and medical devices, Alumilite creates products and builds molds using epoxy, silicone, metals, resin material, and more.

Alumilite customers come from all walks of life and purchase products across a wide range of professions and hobbies. The brand helps each customer - professional and amateur alike - convert their imagination into reality. After delivering a product or supplies, Alumilite follows its customers' creative journey, offering support and guidance, as needed.