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Case Study

Dream Duffel gets proactive with preorders using Emotive’s Sign-up Flows and Experiences

Sporting Goods & Recreation
United States
click-through rate with Experiences
conversion rate for abandoned cart Experiences
lifetime ROI

“I started searching for an SMS system and I did a lot of research. Ultimately, we were looking for something that was more specific — more targeted — and that’s exactly what we found with Emotive.”

Elyssa Danahy, Marketing Director


Dream Duffel wanted to update their batch and blast marketing strategy and take a more targeted approach.


Using Emotive’s Sign-up Flows to trigger Emotive’s Experiences, they’re able to segment customers into specific groupings and differentiate messaging based on their interests.


Since implementing Emotive as their conversational marketing platform, Dream Duffel has seen an overall click-through rate with Experiences, a 28% abandoned cart conversion rate, and a 73x return on investment.

About Dream Duffel

Dream Duffel, LLC is a business dedicated to making competitors' lives less stressful by providing a storage solution for costume/clothing changes, shoes, snacks, and other items needed for competitions.

Our Dream Duffel® has everything you need! It features a one-touch telescoping garment rack, fully lined accessory pockets, an insulated snack pocket, an integrated stool pocket, and removable personalized patches! Plus, it's all on wheels with a convenient pull-out handle for easy transport!

Additional accessory products and custom duffel designs have been introduced each year since inception. All products are available through our website and select retailers. Order today and get ready to relax, support your competitor and enjoy the show!

Dream Duffel, LLC was founded in 2008 out of frustration over a lack of products designed for dancers to travel to competitions. Since then, the company has expanded to design and market products for dancing, figure skating, cheerleading, pageantry, equestrian, track racing, and more!