Text marketing started off as a one-way medium, but it has evolved into a marketing and customer service channel that savvy companies use to keep in touch with current and potential customers. With this technological evolution, it’s important to avoid the negative reaction that often comes to mind with bulk text messaging blasts — spam. Consider that one-way business text messaging may harm your brand, and you can improve your text marketing by switching to conversational two-way SMS bulk messaging.

Business Text Messaging

It's becoming evident that today's digital natives prefer to engage with businesses via text messaging. Yet according to an AT&T Market Survey, despite the fact that 98 percent of smartphone consumers use text messaging on a daily basis, only 14 percent of businesses utilize text messaging to engage with their customers.

It may sound ideal to seek out free mass text messaging services, but investing in a two-way messaging system may end up being the best way to increase ROI for your brand. Developing a personal connection with the customer through conversational SMS is a major reason customers return to your eCommerce store. You’ll stand out from competitors and gain marketing insights when you adopt quality text messaging tactics and mass texting software.

Text Marketing and Mass Texting Services

The customer communication technique of delivering a single text message to a wide list of receivers is known as mass texting, also known as text blasts, mass text messaging or bulk texting. It's intended to assist you in reaching the greatest number of customers in the shortest amount of time. With the newfound success of text message marketing, eCommerce businesses are now noticing the varying results between one-way and two-way SMS discussions and that two-way text conversations overshadow one-way blasts.

There are several faults in text marketing that need to be addressed. Most businesses utilize a short code, which is a 5- or 6-digit number that is solely used for one-way texting. Short-code messages cannot be replied to by your consumers. Some bulk text message promotions simply feature the words "Reply SAVE20" to receive a 20% discount, but the user is unable to reply with any other text or queries. Mass texting services can have a negative impact on customers when it’s promotion-heavy and unrelated to that customer’s specific needs.

Your eCommerce business can develop more personal connections when you adopt the right texting service and improve customer conversations. It's critical to distinguish between the two types of texting customers: one-way and two-way texting. Let's look at what they both signify and which one is more appropriate for your company.

One-Way Text Marketing

A one-way bulk text messaging service can be used to send information that does not require any further context or dialogue. They're more transactional by nature and can come in the form of confirmations, updates, and reminders.

Automated one-way texting is the greatest method for informing your clients about the confirmation of their recent interaction with your organization, from appointment confirmations to transaction confirmations. Recent transactions, shipment, delivery, and back-in-stock product updates are the most common updates that businesses must provide to their customers. A mass message is an excellent approach to communicate this information to your clients.

A bulk text message service can also be used to alert customers about crucial business updates such as hours of operation changes and events. You can send automated reminder texts to your consumers using mass text messaging software. These notifications might be for forthcoming payments, appointments, or even job interviews. Keyword-based SMS can also be used as reminders to assist your customers in rescheduling their appointments.

Two-Way Text Marketing

The State of Texting Report for 2021 revealed that texting is one of the most popular ways for brands to reach their customers. Customers are dissatisfied with one-way texting tools, according to the report. When they can't reply to a company's SMS message, three out of four customers are frustrated. By personalizing aspects of business text messaging, you can turn bulk text messaging into a two-way conversation with your customers. This means that your customer can more appropriately respond to the conversation.

It makes more sense to continue the conversation over customized text messages rather than delivering one-way promotion blasts once you've established the context and formed a relationship. In fact, 55 percent of clients prefer to communicate with sales employees over text messaging when it comes to sales and queries, according to the State of Texting Report. You're missing out on the chance to continue the discussion with more than half of your consumer base if you use mass texting services for text marketing.

After establishing a preliminary link between your customer-facing personnel and the customer, one-to-one business texting works advantageously. In other words, you should send a customized text message to clients with whom you've previously communicated, either in person or through other contact channels such as phone calls/emails. You shouldn't start sending tailored text messages to your customers without first introducing yourself and building a relationship with them – it could appear intrusive.

Pros & Cons: One-Way VS Two-Way Messaging

One-Way bulk text messaging blasts can be useful since it allows your brand to deliver information to a large number of people in a matter of seconds. These one-way blasts, on the other hand, are ineffective for eCommerce businesses. Customers are clearly encouraged to buy now via one-way messages (often when they are not yet ready). Customers who are not ready to purchase are unable to ask inquiries or respond in any way other than by clicking a link or ignoring the text.

Authentic consumer interaction is achieved through two-way conversational text messaging. eCommerce brands can connect customers with personalized feedback by thinking in terms of "direct messaging." As if they were messaging a friend, online customers benefit from the opportunity to reply with inquiries and receive a fast response. While both one-way and two-way business text messaging have their place and unique benefits, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of each to decide what’s best for your brand.

One-Way Messaging Pros & Cons



Promos and information are sent to a large number of customers super fast

Customers can’t reply to you

An efficient way to deliver discount codes

Can be frustrating for customers and messages may come off as spam

Build brand awareness

Customers usually ignore the text and opt-out of future texts

Can create subscriptions, VIP text club, and links to event signups and polls

Limited characters and content

Cost-effective marketing channel

Two-Way Messaging Pros & Cons



Increased engagement with customers

Can be slightly more expensive for non-bot text services

Receive feedback and ways to improve your customer service

You have to have the staff or hire a service that can keep up with real-time text responses

Improved customer experience and loyalty

You’ll typically need to grow a contact list first

Opportunity to recover abandoned carts and personalize messages

Increased website conversions and ROI

The Results of Conversational Texting

Rather than using text messaging as a bullhorn to blast marketing materials out to the globe, the most efficient approach to use it is to foster a two-way conversation with clients. Customers should be able to respond to your marketing SMS.

One of the most important aspects of text marketing success is ensuring that it is used as an engaging channel. Customers will tune you out if you regard it as a one-way message channel. Strategic SMS marketing should take a conversational approach and allow for two-way engagement, even if the process is still automated. The messaging approach should be warm and engaging.

You can communicate empathy to your customers and respond to their needs on a more personal level with conversational SMS marketing. You create an affinity between your customers and your brand when you have genuine dialogues with them. Conversational text marketing allows you to bridge the communication gaps that are common in email marketing, which is the key marketing channel for eCommerce businesses.

Emotive SMS Services

Emotive specializes in using conversational text messaging to assist eCommerce businesses to build 1:1 relationships with their customers. Emotive's technology enables automated two-way SMS contact between you and your customers, allowing them to speak with a live person if they have any queries or concerns. Emotive will assist you in improving your SMS marketing communication strategy without disrupting your brand's operations and by integrating our system with the technology you already have.

Because most consumers dislike talking to a bot, Emotive has a real team of people that handle all of your company's SMS communication activities and ensure that customer trust is maximized through genuine and personal interactions. Real humans use Emotive Automation to support two-way text messaging for a number of purposes, including product announcements, sale announcements, abandoned cart conversions, reorder prompts, texting website leads, and more.

By combining our system with the technologies you currently have, Emotive can help you optimize your SMS marketing communication plan. Your brand will be able to create trust with consumers who are still unfamiliar with your brand and clear a path through the clutter of traditional one-way communication with realistic discussions, resulting in higher conversion rates.

With Emotive, you’ll gain these features that will transform the way your brand communicates with customers:

  • Emotive Segmentation that personalizes campaigns with conversation insights and behavioral data.

  • Experienced marketers that send manual texts and real-time responses.

  • Emotive Capture technology that adheres to TCPA regulations while helping your company build a phone number list.

  • Emotive Insights allow your business to study your marketing strategy and performance.

  • Custom reports and dashboards.

The Bottom Line

Both one-way and two-way business texting have their uses, and your company might be a suitable fit for both. However, bulk text messaging blasts can harm your brand by coming off spammy and dissuading customers from having actual dialogues. Two-way SMS chats should be seriously considered if you're looking for the most effective SMS marketing strategy with the highest ROI. Emotive can assist you in delivering authentic engagement to your customers and sending them text messages that they’ll appreciate.