Each year, the holiday shopping season starts earlier and ends later. Black Friday and Cyber Monday have grown to become an integral part of many businesses’ annual sales, but this has also created ruthless competition among eCommerce brands.

These days, there are no set-and-forget strategies that produce long-term ROI. You need to be adaptive, creative, and get a jumpstart on your BFCM campaigns. Luckily, our team of experienced marketers has put together 5 tips that can help you do just that.

5 Tips for Seeing Increased BFCM ROI

  1. Start Early: Planning for Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions should begin well before the holiday shopping season. Take advantage of early bird Black Friday marketing and prepare your e-commerce store for the holiday rush. Create a BFCM marketing calendar and promotional timeline that enables you to plan your campaigns well in advance. This will allow you to have more time to fine-tune your campaigns and prepare for the surge in traffic, sales, and revenue.

  2. BFCM-Specific Marketing Strategies: Successful BFCM marketing campaigns involve understanding your target audience and brainstorming creative campaign ideas that appeal to them. Targeted advertising tactics can help attract customer attention and drive conversions. Offering early deals is one strategy that can set you up for success. Consider offering deep discounts, limited-time offers, bundle deals, or free shipping to incentivize consumers to make purchases. Being self-aware and leaning into BFCM verbiage is a great way to separate yourself from your competitors as well.

  3. Prepare for the Black Friday Rush: Prepare your website and e-commerce systems for the surge in traffic that Black Friday and Cyber Monday brings. Review your website’s server capacity, and ensure your servers can handle the increased traffic without crashing. Review your website’s user experience (UX), including the checkout process to ensure a seamless customer experience. Don't forget to have backup plans in place in case something goes wrong during the holiday rush. Stay vigilant and alert to handle underlying technical issues. The goal is to ensure every customer has a seamless experience on your website and that all transactions go smoothly.

  4. Black Friday Marketing Checklist: Create a checklist of all the essential elements you need to have in place for your Black Friday marketing campaigns. Include items such as email campaigns, social media campaigns, website promotions, and paid advertising campaigns in your checklist. Ensure your email and website copy is engaging and optimized for search engine optimization (SEO). Monitor your social media channels closely for any issues or customer questions. Consider offering customer support via chatbots as an added convenience to customers during the holiday shopping season.

  5. Balance Awareness, Traffic & Revenue: While it’s essential to generate awareness and traffic to your e-commerce store during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you should also strive to balance product sales and revenue. Striking the perfect balance between awareness, traffic, sales, and profit margin will drive the highest return on investment (ROI). Measure and monitor your campaigns regularly and adjust them based on the data you collect. Don't forget to take advantage of early Cyber Monday sales preparation so that you don’t miss out on any opportunities for growth during the holiday season.

Don’t Leave Your BFCM Campaigns to Chance: Partner With Emotive

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