Shopify is the third-largest retail eCommerce platform and is used by major brands such as Allbirds, Fashion Nova, and Brooklinen. It’s no wonder that you would use this popular eCommerce platform to spread awareness for your brand and sell your services or product. While growing your eCommerce store, it’s important to take advantage of Shopify SMS marketing in order to gain loyal customers. Learn how to create genuine connections with your customers and increase sales by integrating SMS with your Shopify store.

Reach Customers With SMS Marketing For Shopify

Shopify controls about 11% of the whole e-commerce market, with many businesses using Shopify as an eCommerce site to expand digitally and gain online customers. With this eCommerce platform, you can also reach out to customers and grow your sales by texting them. Shopify SMS marketing can be the key to your business’s success and also the best method for creating a marketing scheme. 

So what is Shopify SMS Marketing, and how does it work? Shopify stores may use Short Service Message (SMS) Marketing, which is a permission-based approach for spreading promotional texts. Sending automatic abandoned cart text reminders might also help you gain more sales and encourage customers to come back. Compared to email and other forms of outreach, SMS marketing allows you to interact with your consumers more actively and directly.

Before diving into Shopify SMS marketing, be aware of these tips to market appropriately and successfully:

  • Ensure that you are growing your list compliantly and your customers are opting in to SMS marketing.

  • If the customer shares their personal name, address them by name in the text to promote genuine engagement.

  • Provide clear methods for customers to cancel or change their subscriptions so that they don’t feel like they're going to be spammed.

  • Only send messages during the day so that you don’t interrupt anyone’s beauty sleep.

Build an SMS Marketing Strategy

The typical individual uses a mobile device for approximately 4 hours each day. Brands are using this opportunity to interact with customers directly and concisely, and we're seeing a rise in the usage of real-time messaging in commerce to help boost conversion rates, close transactions, and establish stronger connections with customers. If SMS marketing is your major tool for increasing conversion rates, and you have a good and focused SMS marketing plan, this may be quite useful.

Here are some practical ways that companies may use text message marketing to increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction:

  • Stay alert on abandoned carts and convert them into sales by sending reminders to the customer.

  • Offer conversational texting with 1:1 customer service.

  • Grow a loyal customer base that’s eager to stay up-to-date on products and promotions.

  • Share personalized promos and offers to customers.

  • Increase the effectiveness of integrated marketing campaigns.

Each one of your customers is unique, and the texts you send them should be too. Since text message marketing has high engagement rates, it's the ideal channel for your most important, high-value communications. It also practically assures that your message will be read so that announcements, product releases, and customer inquiries don’t go unnoticed.

Avoid Abandoned Carts

Data from the Baymard Institute shows that roughly 70% of customers abandon online shopping carts and don’t proceed with placing their order. Customers may become sidetracked and fail to complete the checkout process, or they may be waiting at a specific moment to click "check out." Although abandoned carts are common, there is definitely good intention behind them, since the product is clearly enticing to the customer. This is when it’s a good time to send cart abandonment SMS reminders and alerts to customers who have abandoned their carts.

If you want to figure out why a customer abandoned their cart and offer a solution for them, Shopify SMS marketing is a smart tactic. It's simple to make SMS marketing more conversational, and it facilitates two-way connection. This means your consumer will be more likely to interact with you and reply to your messages, and you will be able to solve the exact issue that caused them to reconsider their purchase.

The most effective way to reach out to customers regarding abandoned carts is with personalized SMS marketing. This will show customers empathy and also that you’re interested in learning why a customer abandoned their cart, leading to optimized solutions and customer satisfaction. You may even have a specific program for recovering shopping cart abandonment via SMS communication, demonstrating that you have a team ready to respond swiftly to each customer's unique needs.

Integrate Emotive SMS Marketing with Shopify

Conversational SMS marketing helps your Shopify store provide a more personalized experience for your consumers, allowing you to develop a relationship with them and nurturing them into more devoted customers. When they interact with you, you have a better opportunity of convincing them to return to their abandoned shopping cart, fix an issue, and provide promotional incentives. Emotive’s SMS marketing service helps you grow your sales and increase your loyal customer base, and you can even combine Emotive with Shopify.

You can easily integrate Emotive with your Shopify account and have customers manage SMS conversations in the Emotive app. This means conversational SMS communication with your customers is right at your fingertips and the Emotive app makes this experience as seamless as possible. Emotive Shopify integrations allow you to track sales generated by Emotive using Shopify, and you can use Shopify data to fuel segmentation.

You’ll be able to take advantage of these common uses when you integrate Emotive with Shopify:

  • Abandoned Cart Recovery

  • Customer Service

  • Product Announcements

  • Product Recommendations

  • Re-Orders

  • Sales and Promotions

With Shopify, you may enable customers to provide a phone number during the checkout process. If a customer does not want to provide their phone number at checkout, you may enable the opt-in option for order updates, which allows them to get SMS updates after their purchase is made.

Take Advantage of Shopify SMS

Shopify SMS marketing allows you to interact with your Shopify store consumers more actively and personally. You'll be able to access SMS marketing analytics, abandoned shopping cart recovery, handle customer wants and concerns, and improve sales and company growth from your Shopify account. If you have a good SMS marketing and conversion plan, and are determined to interact with your consumers immediately, integrating Emotive SMS marketing with Shopify will be worthwhile.