Every time you are in touch with your customer base, it doesn’t always have to be about promotions. Have a real, honest conversation with them. Think about it, some brands don’t always have a sale going on so what is the best way to craft engaging conversations that will engage subscribers to build brand loyalty and drive revenue?

Here are five of our best practices businesses can implement right now.

  1. Offer FREE Shipping For Any Order Over a Certain Amount 

There’s nothing like free shipping to get someone’s attention. But did you know? According to Invespcro, 9 out of 10 customers say free shipping is the main reason they order more online, please orders with free shipping have an average order value around 30% higher. This incentive approach allows businesses to rapidly grow both email and text messaging lists.

  1. Let Them Know When They Have Abandoned Their Shopping Cart

With people’s short attention span, they often forget that they were looking at something because someone called or texted them. Send them a friendly reminder that they left something in their shopping cart 20 minutes later. This type of text message allows you to drive revenue by sending highly relevant, personalized content where it may have been missed before. The best part about these kinds of texts? You only have to set them up once meaning no extra work for you.

Your text message should remind shoppers what items they left in their cart with a direct link back to their cart so they can complete their purchase with ease. Reminding shoppers about what they’ve left behind before they sell out is a great strategy to implement because it will encourage them to complete the checkout process.

  1. Send Existing Customers New Product Launch Alerts

Instantly reach customers with a text message when it comes to announcing new or limited edition product launches. This type of exclusive content engages subscribers on your SMS list. This tactic drives customer action resulting in increased conversions and ultimately revenue for your company.

No matter what your new product launch is about, sending a text message revealing the new or limited-edition product is an effective way to increase the hype. When sending out this text include an image or a GIF so it adds to the hype factor. By texting your SMS subscribers the first look, you’re creating a sense of exclusivity while driving immediate action and results.

  1. Offer Geo-Targeted Specific Discounts

Using geographic-specific data is the perfect way to offer new discounts or services to a subscribers’ local areas. This creates a more relevant, personalized experience for this group of customers.

There are many ways of using geo-targeting messages to the advantage of your brand. For example, food delivery brands such as Ubereats or Grubhub can alert local subscribers when free delivery is available. Another effective use of geographic data is to use the time zone-based message sending feature. This allows you to deliver your scheduled messages to your list based on their local time zone, so you can do exclusive offers for certain time zones if you want to do that as your strategy.

  1. Share Product Recommendations

No matter what type of product you sell it doesn’t hurt to do some brand marketing. Share your best tips and tricks on how to use your product. Who knows someone may using your product wrong or you can inspire someone to use your product differently. You can do this by showing a picture, GIF, or link out to a short video clip. Create product segments to help you implement this tip. For example, if you sell scarves, create a scarf customer list then you can send them a text showing them how to style it with different outfits or how to tie it in different ways using a picture, GIF, or a short video clip. 

Recap: How to Engage Your Customers Without Promotional Texts

Personalized text messaging offers businesses an instant, two-way communications channel to engage your SMS email list by sending valuable messages. The examples shared up above are only a handful of examples of non-promotional text messages that showcase how your company can deliver unique text messaging experiences that drive action and revenue.