Email marketing is a well-established and effective channel used by e-commerce marketers to retain customers, build relationships, and deliver personalized content at every stage of the customer journey. However, its effectiveness has also led to oversaturation, with the majority of e-commerce businesses utilizing this channel.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be abandoning email marketing - in fact, this is as good a time as any to lean into it. But in order to have the most effective marketing campaigns, pairing email with SMS is a way to leverage your brand authority and get the most from your target audience.

In this Guide to Email + SMS Marketing, we’ll cover:

  • How SMS works to boost ROI

  • Email Marketing Strategy

  • SMS Marketing Strategy

  • Emotive’s all-in-one marketing platform

How SMS Works to Boost ROI

In recent years, SMS marketing has emerged as an intriguing channel that complements email marketing, offering brands the opportunity to create unique customer experiences. The main purpose of an SMS marketing channel is to increase customer average order value (AOV), boost return on investment (ROI), and enhance audience engagement and retention.

To develop effective strategies that leverage both channels, it is important to understand the individual utility of each.

Email Marketing Strategy

Email provides a media-rich medium that allows marketers to communicate with customers through written content, images, and design. It offers the flexibility to deliver various types of messages, from promotional content to brand storytelling, tailored to the customer's stage of the experience. Email marketing is commonly used for:

  • Newsletter emails: Sharing information about new initiatives and updates.

  • Lead nurturing emails: Encouraging subscribers to convert throughout the sales funnel.

  • Promotional emails: Highlighting new products or sales.

  • Milestone emails: Celebrating a customer's birthday or anniversary to show appreciation.

  • Survey emails: Gathering feedback and incentivizing customers to provide valuable information.

Beyond content opportunities, email is an opt-in channel that allows for the development of trust and can also encourage subscribers to sign up for SMS messaging.

SMS Marketing Strategy

With 97% of Americans owning a cell phone or smartphone, SMS marketing offers a quick and direct way to connect with customers. Studies show that 95% of people read their text messages, resulting in an average click-through rate eight times higher than email. However, due to character limitations and design restrictions, SMS messaging should be concise and used as an extension of email marketing, rather than a standalone strategy.

Emotive’s All-In-One Marketing Platform

As an industry leader in multi-channel marketing, Emotive effectively utilizes both email and SMS marketing channels to deliver outstanding customer experiences.

By understanding the strengths and unique benefits of each channel, our seasoned marketers can develop comprehensive strategies that utilize email marketing for its versatility and SMS marketing for its direct and impactful communication. We then apply this directly to your brand and its clientele to produce unmatched growth and sustainable results.

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