Ever wonder why customers keep coming back to your eCommerce shop? 

It is not because of the product. It is about the personal connection that you and your team create with your customer that keeps your customers coming back often.

Make your customers feel valued and understood, so they don’t make their next purchase from your competitor. So what can your business do to keep your customers feeling warm and fuzzy at each point of contact? You can empathize with your customer by understanding their point of view by getting their feedback and opinions about your eCommerce business.

Today, we are going to cover two simple strategies that can help you skyrocket your eCommerce business.

  1. Simplify Your Customer Experience

The first part of this strategy is about you and your team. Is everyone aligned with the mission of the business? Is the story about your business that is being conveyed in your marketing efforts in alignment with what your team is portraying to your customers? If not, this is something that needs to be addressed. Customers can always tell when there is a disconnect between what is being sold to them versus how things are.

Secondly, find new ways to simplify your customer experience. Customers hate when they have to do extra clicks to accomplish something. For example, if they are a repeat customer, allow them to make purchases with 1-Click for a faster and more efficient check-out process since you already have their card and shipping information. 
Lastly, keep your customers top of mind because things are tough for a lot of people right now. Show them that you appreciate their business with free shipping and discounts when possible, offer flexibility with your returns policy, and provide great customer support via email, text, or phone.

  1. Analyze Customer Conversations for Improved Customer Support

Did you know that customers rate your customer support? If they don’t get high-quality customer service, they are less likely to be repeat customers. According to Zendesk, 84% of consumers consider customer service to be a key factor when deciding whether to make another purchase from the same business, and 3% of consumers say it is unimportant.

Conversational SMS marketing is one the most effective customer empathy channel available to online retailers worldwide. Customers want to interact with another human, not an automated bot. They are tired of waiting on hold for hours to only be hung up on or waiting for a couple of hours to get a scripted email back. 

With that in mind, how are you handling your customer support? Phone and email? Those are the ways of the past. SMS is the way of the future of faster and more efficient customer service. 

With SMS being your channel for customer support, it will allow you to have real-time conversations with your customers. Analyze how those conversations are going because this will help you understand your customers better, improve your products, update your FAQ page, improve the training of your customer support team members, and revisit your current marketing strategies. Doing this will help you stay ahead of your competition. 

Recap: Personal Connection Can Skyrocket Your eCommerce Business

Over the past decade, customer trends have changed when it comes to customer service. Customers prefer for businesses to make people first rather than focusing on the bottom line. 

When you stop focusing on getting the next sale and start trying to understand your customers, it will help you drive the conversation in a way that will resonate with your audience. Not only will this increase your sales, but it will help you stand out from the competition.