Have you heard about text-to-order? 

Text-to-order is the next big thing in eCommerce. You want to know why?

Text-to-order is conversation-based and customers aren’t required to download an app or log in to an account via desktop to make a purchase which saves them time and grants them a simple customer experience. And it will help drive sales for your eCommerce business.

This new SMS marketing approach removes the need for a more traditional mobile checkout for a more seamless one. 

Lastly, sending a text message allows brands to have more personal conversations with their customers. 

So, How Does Text-to-Order Work Exactly?

Great question. Text-to-order has two approaches that can be implemented. We will expand on these two approaches now. After learning about these approaches, you can determine which is the best approach for your brand and implement the strategy. 

An Automated Approach

The first approach involves an automated process where a company texts its customers’ exclusive offers, and they respond with what they want their order to include. This automated flow can be created with Emotive.

Customers can sign up for this specific service by providing their personal information such as email address, phone number, home address, apparel sizes (if applicable), and billing information. Customers can get the deal of the way and can respond with product quantity and that’s it. 

The system is so sophisticated that it can detect inaccurate info, which will make the customer experience easy and seamless. For example, if someone responds with a non-numerical value, the customer will immediately receive a text message that lets them know that the system doesn’t understand their message and to try again. If the credit card on file fails, it will send them a link to update the customer’s card details.

A Conversational Approach

The second approach to text-to-order is more conversational. Although, this approach offers a more traditional e-commerce customer experience for new customers. Customers typically get a pop-up to enter their phone number, this will help them set up their account or log in to their account. Then it will take you to a screen to fill out your information, shipping information, and billing information. 

After this first order has been made then customers will be asked customer service style questions that will allow them to place future orders. For example, customers can text your brand and the automated response based on their previous order letting them know what is available to purchase. The customer can decide if they want to order the same items and can confirm the quantity.

RECAP: Text-To-Order is the Next Big Thing in eCommerce

For years e-commerce brands have been challenged with slow websites and customer service response times, and complex checkout processes that often cause their prospects to bounce before a single purchase is made.

With SMS marketing in the picture now, there’s nothing quite as simple and seamless as sending a text with a number to buy anything you want from your favorite brand.

Ordering via text message offers a way to both improve customer satisfaction and increase your revenue at a rapid pace.