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Automate Human Conversations

Go beyond text blasts. Say hello to text conversations that feel human.

Two-way conversations convert 5x better than one-way blasts. Build dynamic conversation flows to automate two-way SMS conversions at scale.

1 click set up

14 day free trial

5x ROI guarantee

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Emotive's difference is conversational

Emotive enables you to talk with (not at) your customers. Supercharge revenue by automating two-way text message conversations that cut through the noise and feel human.

Conversational Abandoned Cart Recovery

7 out of 10 shopping carts are abandoned. Recover more of them and drive up sales with Emotive's SMS conversational abandoned cart series.

Conversational product recommendations

Find the perfect product for everyone customer through an automated two-way quiz over SMS.

Conversational re-orders and subscriptions

Convert one time buyers into repeat purchasers with conversations to drive reorders, cross sells, or upsell subscriptions

Conversational welcome series

First impressions are everything. Trigger text message flows to welcome new subscribers to your brand and introduce them to your best-selling products.


Create personalized shopping experiences over SMS that drive sales

Create flows that automate two-way conversations at scale. Leverage Emotive's pre-built conversation flows to get up and running in minutes.

Talk with (not at) your customers

Leverage Emotive's conversation automation OR manually reply to customers using the conversation portal on desktop or a mobile app. Emotive also integrates with customer service platforms such as Zendesk or Gorgias.