We’ve got news: Emotive is now a Certified Shopify Plus Partner!

What does this mean, exactly? Well, it means Shopify merchants can more easily identify Emotive as a trusted partner to help them manage and scale their business.

Shopify has become one of the world’s leading ecommerce platforms, in part by surrounding its merchants with world-class infrastructure and services. The Shopify Plus Certified App Program recognizes partner applications like Emotive that provide customers with an advanced level of support, performance, security, and privacy.

“We’ve worked incredibly hard at Emotive to build a first-class text marketing platform and earn our customers’ confidence,” said Zach Wise, our Co-founder. “Recognition as a Shopify Plus Partner helps us provide Shopify merchants with the marketing solutions they need to build and grow their businesses.”

Through the Emotive integration, Shopify customers can capture new leads, drive traffic, track sales, recover abandoned carts, cross-sell, build loyalty, and get insights with analytics. Our customers are seeing an average of 27X ROI with Emotive’s personalized text marketing solutions, and Shopify merchants are no exception.

After implementing Emotive, consumer electronics brand and Shopify merchant Satechi has experienced 25X ROI on its investment. It increased its abandoned cart conversion rate to 18 percent and saw a 17 percent conversion rate for its SMS sign-ups. The company also reduced the time it takes to resolve customer support questions.

“[SMS marketing] wasn’t something we had in our marketing mix previously; it wasn’t something that we really had any experience with,” said Josh Slavin, Satechi’s Marketing Manager. “It’s quickly become one of our best channels in terms of ROI and traffic … I believe SMS is going to far outperform our email marketing.”

If you’re a Shopify merchant, you’ll find Emotive in the Partner directory under Messaging and Notifications.

Not a Shopify user? No problem. Learn more about the other ecommerce platforms we seamlessly integrate with by scheduling a quick demo.