Has your eCommerce business been sending way too many promotional texts to your customer base? Stuck on what message to send to your SMS subscriber list?

No worries, we got you covered. We understand that this happens to budding businesses. The last thing you want is to hit send on a campaign to only get crickets.

We are going to share with you four text message ideas that you can implement today to start conversations with your customer base.

  1. Get your NEW Product Launches Some Hype

We know how much work goes into a new product launch by making sure everything is in place on the backend of your shop. Of course, it is just as crucial to get the word out which is another step to the launching process. So don’t forget to send out a text along with your email and social media blasts. Your VIP customers are going to be pumped.

  1. Regain your Lost Shoppers with a Customer Win-back Campaign

We all get distracted when we are online shopping because someone called or texted us, or you got a notification from social media. Capture your customers’ lost attention with a win-back campaign. 

This is a great opportunity to retarget, product upsell or cross-sell. Not only that, it will give you a chance to connect with inactive customers that haven’t purchased from you in the past 6-months.

Get your customers interested in what you have to offer with these win-back campaign ideas:

  • Invite inactive shoppers back into your store to see what’s back in stock or what is new

  • Share a back-in-stock product that is relevant to their shopping history

  • Gently remind customers of what they have previously wishlisted / browsed products

  1. Create the feeling of FOMO with Almost Sold Out Items

Like any long-term relationship, you need to spice things up to keep things interesting and keep your customers coming back. Create some hype along with the FOMO feeling on some of your best-selling products that constantly go out of stock once it goes live in your shop. If you're running low in stock on a specific item, it's a great time to communicate product scarcity with your SMS list.

  1. Give your VIP Customers Praise with an Exclusive Campaign

When it comes to your customers, you want to pay extra attention to your VIP customers because after all, they keep you in business. Your VIP customers are frequently buying from you and sharing your products with friends and family (AKA free advertising), you don’t want to jeopardize that relationship. So what can you do to make them feel extra special? Create an exclusive campaign for them where they feel like they are part of an exclusive community. Celebrate their brand loyalty to you by offering the first peek at new products, having a VIP sale only, or giving them access to regular sales first. Also, another great way to honor your VIP customers is to give your customers a free gift or an extra discount on their birthday.

Recap: Conversational SMS Campaigns

Always keep in mind that SMS is a two-way street. Just as you reach out to your customers, they will want to reach out to you as well. You must go the extra mile with your customers to maintain a personal relationship with them. Don’t forget when you are brainstorming your next SMS marketing campaign to respect them. Always provide them with relevant value and info and not always push the sale.