More than half of American consumers reported they would be happy to share their mobile number for text messaging with brands in exchange for incentives. So what are you going to do with that information?

Text messages are a powerful way of connecting with your customers. SMS platforms help you send bulk text messages, build customized SMS campaigns, and even drive conversational commerce programs.

However, SMS integrations have the power to make text marketing even more powerful. You can supercharge your text marketing by connecting it to other apps and systems. Suddenly your SMS apis have built a CRM, a project management app, a customer service portal, and a sales tracking app!

Incorporating SMS integrations into your text message marketing program results in a more powerful, seamless system for customers and your business.

1. Connect your SMS marketing platform to your ecommerce store to personalize the shopping experience

Use an integration to link your SMS marketing with your ecommerce store to increase customer engagement, boost sales, and enhance the overall customer experience. You can use it to deliver SMS alerts for targeted offers, reminders, or updates. Customers can receive text messages that are personalized for them such as discount codes and product recommendations that customers can follow up on right through their phones.

This integration connects your ecommerce text message marketing system to the information contained in your ecommerce platform so you can personalize messages for customers, send important SMS notifications, and segment your audiences appropriately. It then connects back to your ecommerce platform, sharing information about that customer's engagement with your text campaign.

With an integration in place between your SMS platform and shops like BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, or WooCommerce, you can also track what sales are driven by your SMS marketing efforts so you can assess their effectiveness, and target them better in the future.

2. Connect your CRM to your SMS platform to track customer behavior

By connecting your CRM with your SMS platform, you can easily track customer behavior and preferences. This integration allows you to segment customers based on their past interactions with your business. You can send SMS messages tailored to each customer's needs, creating a more personalized experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Your CRM needs the full picture of your shopper's behavior and the customer journey, and that includes their response to SMS marketing. Your CRM will help you target customers based on past behavior, identify trends, and build customer loyalty within your text campaigns. Build SMS integrations with programs like Recharge to make your data more valuable.

3. Update customer contact info from SMS messages by connecting your CRM, email, and SMS platforms

If you have a CRM, email marketing platform, and SMS platform all operating separately, it's hard to keep your customer contact information up-to-date. An SMS integration between these three platforms ensures that you have the most recent phone numbers and email addresses that your customers share with you.

Capture the emails customers share with you in SMS messages and store them with apps like Bronto, Klaviyo, Mailchimp, or Zaius with an integration.

4. Create a pop-up to capture customer phone numbers

Use an SMS integration with an application like Justuno, Privy, Sumo, or Wisepops to create popups to capture customers' mobile numbers from your website or online store and send them directly to your SMS platform. Make sure you get customer opt-ins so you can send bulk sms messages with the appropriate marketing campaigns.

Adding a popup to your store that's triggered by certain actions gives you the ability to capture customer phone numbers or opt-ins for text message campaigns. Send customers special offers, exclusive discounts, and other alerts through their phones in just a few clicks.

5. Answer customer questions with text messages by using a customer service app to SMS integration

Connect your SMS integration to support programs like Help Scout, Zendesk, or Gorgias so that customers can send texts back to your SMS marketing program and receive responses to their questions.

This integration helps customers send and receive text responses to questions immediately, regardless of the time of day. It also reduces customer support costs since many of the most common questions can be answered with this communication tool.

Your SMS platform can integrate with a support program to send one-off questions from customer texts. Agents will reply to those tickets in the support program and those follow-ups are sent back out as text messages right back to clients.

6. Use an SMS integration to streamline internal communication

Integrate your SMS marketing with the web apps and chat programs your team already uses to communicate. An SMS integration can connect your text message marketing to Slack so they can get notifications and assign tickets within the same program.

This has a few key benefits for your team. It reduces the clutter of notifications from multiple programs and streamlines internal workflows since team members don't have to switch between apps.

SMS integrations build an informed customer communication platform

The focus of marketing is on getting the right messages to the right audience. Your brand's voice goes further when you're connecting with customers in their own world. Which often means their phones.

Three-quarters of US adults make purchases using their phones, and smartphone shopping is only becoming more popular. Connect your ecommerce store directly to customers' phones to create a truly integrated shopping experience for your customers.

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