As an ecommerce marketer, you know the importance of an automated flow. You likely already have several for your email marketing program, including, of course, an email welcome series.

That's already been successful for you – in fact, according to Klaviyo, welcome email flows are the second-best performing automated series in terms of opens, clicks, and revenue per recipient.

So naturally, if you're starting up an SMS marketing program, you'll want to spin up some automated text message flows to engage your SMS subscribers.

But your SMS welcome series shouldn't try to replicate your email flow.

While email and SMS play well together, your email subscribers will behave differently than your SMS subscribers. So you need to pay close attention to performance to find the right SMS welcome flow that works for your subscriber list.

That said, there are likely many people on both your email list and your SMS list. So it's crucial to keep that in mind as you develop any SMS flows.

Start by creating a single SMS flow for subscribers that are only on your text list. Then, work out a second version that incorporates email and SMS into the same flow for folks that sign up for both lists – using the channel that helps you best get across your message for each step of your series.

Here are seven types of texts to consider including in your SMS welcome series. Don’t use them all. Test what works for your brand and keep an eye on engagement and unsubscribes to hit the right balance.

1. Confirmation text

A confirmation text is the first SMS you will send in your welcome series. It acknowledges a user's signup and gives opt-out instructions. It acknowledges that you've obtained their permission before texting.

Here's an example of what this might look like:

Hi! It's [Brand]. Thanks for subscribing to our SMS list! Msg & data rates may apply. Text STOP to unsubscribe.

2. Welcome message

Often separate from the subscription confirmation message, your welcome text serves as your customers' first introduction to your brand. Consider reminding customers what to expect from your texts.

You can also include a contact card so users can easily add you to their phone contacts.

And be sure to include any incentive you promised for subscribing, like a discount code. This should be sent immediately after a customer signs up, so they don't have to wait.

Your welcome message might look like this:

Hi [Customer Name]! We'll be in touch about product launches and exclusive sales 🤩 In the meantime, take 10% off with [discount code]. Add us to your phone so you never miss an update.

[contact card]

3. Brand values-focused text message

Your SMS welcome series is a chance to introduce your brand values to new subscribers. But because text messages are so short, you'll want to be creative with how you work this into a small space.

Try illustrating with a GIF or image -- this would make the text an MMS. Work some value-focused copy into your initial welcome message. Or link out to a landing page with more information.

You could include details about your mission, how the business was founded, what makes it unique, if you donate to specific organizations, etc.

This will help customers feel more connected to your brand.

Here's how this might look:

Hi [Customer Name]! Our mission is to make mental wellness accessible to everyone. That's why we donate 10% of our monthly proceeds to [Charity Name]. So every time you shop, you also support a family in need.

4. Product recommendation automation

Unlike email, texting with your customers lends itself well to conversations. So consider using product recommendation automation as part of your welcome flow to help new customers find the right item for their needs.

It works similarly to any ecommerce quiz you might include on your website, just done through text!

Here's what the first couple of texts might look like for a haircare brand:

Hey [Customer Name]! We know finding the perfect products for your hair type can be difficult, so we're here to help! Want to take our haircare quiz?

If the customer says yes, you could say:

Great! First question. What's your hair type? (Reply: Straight, Wavy, Curly, Coily)

And then:

We've got products for that! What about your primary hair concerns? (Frizz, damage, low volume, hair loss)

In just a few minutes, you gain a lot of valuable information on your customer for future personalized campaigns and help them find a product perfect for their needs.

5. Product education text

Consider including messages in your SMS welcome series that teach customers about your products. By answering common questions or helping customers understand your products' benefits, you make it all the more likely for them to buy.

MMS can be helpful here again so that you can include images or GIFs. Or you can link out to more in-depth resources.

A product education text for sustainable laundry detergent, like this one from etee, might look something like this:

Did you know? Most laundry pods and sheets from eco-friendly brands are made with PVA. It's dissolvable but still technically plastic.

That's why we sell concentrated laundry powder. It's biodegradable -- package and all! Shop here: [link]

6. Social proof message

Your SMS welcome series is an excellent opportunity to showcase what other people think about your products with social proof. This will help new customers feel more confident in their purchase decision.

You could use short quotes from individual customers, user-generated content (UGC) collected in reviews or on social media, or even highlight accolades from the press.

In action, your social proof text might look something like this:

Don't take our word for it. 90% of customers see results in just 2 weeks.

"The best part of [Product] is that it actually works. I've never been happier!" - [Reviewer Name]

We'd love to help you see the same results. Check out the bestseller that's taken the world by storm: [link]

7. Incentive reminder text

If you use any incentive in your welcome series, like a discount code, free gift, or another special offer, a reminder text is a must for customers who haven't taken advantage of it. Include the code they'll need to use at checkout and the expiration date, so they don't miss out.

For example:

Hey [Customer Name] - don't miss out. Your 10% welcome discount expires tomorrow! Use code [discount code] at checkout. Not sure what to try first? Check out these customer favorites: [link]

Power Your SMS Welcome Series With a Platform Made for Ecommerce

For some brands, SMS is a one-way communication tool like email. But, if you treat it that way, you're not taking full advantage of the unique capabilities of this channel.

Unlike email, texting feels more personal. And it feels more natural for customers to respond and engage. So one of the most valuable features you can implement for your text marketing program is automated two-way conversations.

These can help you provide product recommendations, answer common questions, initiate returns, and even help customers place orders right in the text thread.

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